Every survivor deserves sustainable relief

Experience comprehensive healing today

From unbearable suffering to profound healing


Our Mission is to serve those who are suffering from the effects of complex trauma and are unable to find or access comprehensive services for healing.  

The loss of hope and life is intolerable!

Healing is possible. We're here to help.


We will offer the full spectrum of care for individuals suffering from the effects of complex trauma

You're not alone, help is here for as long as you need it.


Evidence based practices

Leading Professionals

Safe Home

3 comprehensive services for healing

College Campus

Create a Safe House

The HCCT facility will provide housing and treatment for survivors of complex trauma. 

Open Textbook in Library

Offer holistic services

This program will provide care ranging from acute inpatient to outpatient services and will offer evidenced based treatment to individuals and their families including individual, family and group therapy.


Empower survivors 

HCCT will seek to mobilize the education, legal, behavioral health,
medical & therapeutic communities to provide continued resources & support to clients within HCCT. Our
care plan will be client focused & trauma informed.

Together we can

Begin healing today


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"I remain in this life to declare that light does shine in darkness, illuminating a way through suffering to promise and healing when it seems all possibilities have been exhausted. It is never too late to heal. No one is ever too far gone to come back. No one is ever too lost to be found.”


- Kimberli Kocherhans

#Healing is Possible


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